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“Working with Jody has increased both my profitability and my peace of mind. Jody makes the bookkeeping so smooth, I can spend more of my time focusing on my practice. She is quick and efficient, and pays attention to all the details. I have complete confidence in her abilities and integrity.”

Serafina Sands
Law Office of Serafina Sands
Alameda, CA

“Jody has been doing the books for our corporation, as well as my personal income property’s books, since 2004. Our books require a great deal of tracking information, and Jody is diligent in providing the necessary detail for follow-up and review. Jody is a quantifiable asset to us, and would be to any other company.”

LeNore Beserra, Owner
ASAP Services, Inc.
Oakland, CA

“When Jody puts her mind to doing something, she is the most dedicated and committed person in and out of the Dojo.”

Sensei Ferol Arce
8th Degree Black Belt
Wado Ki Kai Karate Do

“If ever you want something done right, call on Jody. Nothing satisfies her but to do the best possible job, on time and within the budget. She is the most goal-oriented person I know, and has been that way all her life. I should know. I’m her MOM!”

Shelley Linick

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