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Who We Are

Jody Linick

If you appreciate quality, then we are for you! Ms. Linick has worked in corporate America since 1985 with such companies as Tall Tree Systems, Mother’s Cake & Cookie Co., the BSN Groupe (now Danone), Keebler Company, The Clorox Company, ALTA, Inc., and Initiate Systems, Inc. (formerly Madison Information Technologies). She holds Bachelors degrees in Sociology and French Literature from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Ms. Linick is fluent in French and holds a Black Belt in the Wado Ki Kai Okinawan style of karate.

In July 2017, Ms. Linick rebranded her company name from Linick Consulting to FitBooksPro.

In July 2018, Ms. Linick was named a member of the Intuit Trainer/Writer Network.



Certifications & Memberships

  • QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor since 2003
  • QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified 2018
  • AIPB Certified Bookkeeper
  • Member, Intuit Trainer/Writer Network 2018
  • Blog Author on AccountingWeb.com

Code of Ethics

The Price of Excellence is discipline! As a Certified Bookkeper with the AIPB – American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers, Jody Linick has taken a pledge to abide by the following code (extracts below).

Rules of Ethics for Public Bookkeepers

Public Certified Bookkeepers have the following obligations:

Obligations to clients

  1. To provide clients with high-quality professional services.
  2. To remain current and up to date on matters relating to the bookkeeping profession. Only by being up to date can the Certified Bookkeeper provide the client with high-quality professional services.
  3. To protect the confidence of all aspects of the client’s business or, in the case of a nonbusiness entity, of all matters relating to the client.
  4. To be loyal to the client and work in the best interests of the client.
  5. Not to engage in any activity that is in conflict with the client’s interests.
  6. If asked to do something not in accordance with the Certified Bookkeeper’s professional standards, to attempt first to resolve the issue with the client or, if unable to resolve the situation, to resign from the engagement and, if necessary, seek legal counsel. At no time should the Certified Bookkeeper report this situation to an outside group or agency unless required to by law.

Obligations to society

  1. Certified Bookkeepers engaged as public bookkeepers should at all times conduct themselves with integrity.
  2. Certified Bookkeepers engaged as public bookkeepers should, when requested or required,provide government agencies or bodies with information that, to the best of their knowledge, is correct.
  3. Certified Bookkeepers engaged as public bookkeepers should be objective in their professional judgments, actions and interpretations.

Obligations to the bookkeeping and accounting professions

  1. Certified Bookkeepers engaged as public bookkeepers should not engage in any act that would bring discredit to the bookkeeping or accounting profession.
  2. Certified Bookkeepers engaged as public bookkeepers should share new, general, nonproprietary developments in accounting with other members of the bookkeeping and accounting professions.




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