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Many of the terms used on this website are defined here.

After-the-fact Payroll Entry: We do not provide payroll services. If your company has a payroll, you must have a full-service payroll provider in place, or we will help you select one. The payroll service will process your payroll, and we will enter the data into QuickBooks afterwards.

Annual Budget: A revenue and expenses budget by month, which will be used for comparison of Budget to Actual.

Cash Flow Tracking: A report updated monthly which shows your anticipated revenues and expenses, and how much cash you will have on hand at the end of each month.

E -Document Storage: Secure cloud storage of your business documents, hosted by Infinitely Virtual. Add on fee applies.

FileThis: Document fetching service. Auto-fetches monthly bank and credit card statements from most major financial institutions, and most major national Vendors. Included in all Packages.

Monthly Reports Package: Profit & Loss Report, Balance Sheet, plus 1-2 custom reports we identify together.

Monthly Review Call: A 30 minute call once a month to review the year-to-date status of your business.

QBO: QuickBooks Online. Cloud-based financial management software by Intuit, Inc.

QBO Bill Pay: Tool to pay Vendors from directly inside QBO. Also known as Accounts Payable. Included in the Wealth Generator Package. Add on fee applies for other packages.

Quarterly Review Call: A 45 minute call once a quarter to review the year-to-date status of your business.

ReceiptBank: Third party application; tool to manage receipts and Vendor bills

T-Sheets: Third party application; time tracking tool which syncs to QBO. Add on fee applies.

Tech Stack: The third party applications we use which sync with QuickBooks Online. When you work with us, you benefit from these tools, but you also have a responsibility to aid us in the use of these tools.

Transaction Processing: Posting of transactions which arrive in your QBO bank feed. Included in all Packages.

Year-end 1099 Preparation: Preparation and electronic sending and filing of annual 1099s for your Independent Contractors. Add on with fee of $20 per 1099.